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Dressage Clinics and Horse & Rider Profiling

Clinics are fantastic for both horse and rider, allowing you the opportunity to learn from your coach as well as other riders.

I offer a variety of regular dressage clinics. At a coaching clinic you have the opportunity to ride through a particular discipline you are working towards and receive constructive feedback on you and your horse's performance.

In group clinics, the groups are kept small enough to allow all riders to receive the right amount of instruction. All clinics are run to the highest standards.

Individual and group coaching clinics are available within the Kent area. 

I will help you achieve a harmonious partnership whether you want to compete in a serious competition or just be able to enjoy a good working partnership with your horse.

Get a group of friends together at your yard to make it more affordable - speak to me about this.

Regular Clinics at:

Cobham Manor Equestrian Centre, Maidstone - Tuesdays

Saddlesdane Equestrian Centre, Baddlesmere - Thursdays

Contact me to discuss your coaching requirements and to check availability using the details below or the Facebook messenger button on this page.

Heather Jones Dressage

Horse & Rider Profiling

It is not how a rider's horse preforms; But it is how the rider and the horse perform together as one.

Give yourself the edge with performance profiling.

In training we set targets, we know that small obtainable targets are the steps needed to obtain the bigger end goal.

Do you ever find yourself stuck or slipping back within the work and how does that affect you? More importantly why do we fail or get stuck at the same point within the work we do?

All work is not done in the saddle, spending quality, constructive time together on a one to one basis, I can help to start you off on new attainable goals with a main aim goal at the end.

You will have a six month or yearly calendar dedicated just to you and your goals as well as a detailed 8 week planner guiding you through every aspect you are wanting to work on a daily basis.

Contact me to discuss your coaching requirements using the details below or the Facebook messenger button on this page.